Puppy Parlor of Lisle IL

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About Tammy and Puppy Parlor

About Tammy and Puppy Parlor
Tammy’s family started rising and showing Lhasa Apso’s in 1968. From the time she was old enough to help groom and take care of the dogs she did. She traveled the Dog Show Circuit with her parents for many years.
Tammy has been managing pet stores since the 1980’s. In each of the stores she worked it was her responsibility to groom dogs, take care of the puppies as well as the front of the store. Tammy has a well-rounded on the job training in the care and grooming of puppies and dogs as well as how to run a successful business catering to them and their humans
Tammy has been licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture since 1990.
After gaining a well-rounded education with on the job training working for others for many years Tammy started out on her own by running a brokerage for puppies from her home in Darien, Illinois from 1990 until 1999.
In 1999 she opened her first pet store and grooming salon, A Special Touch Dog Grooming and Boutique, Inc. in Lockport, Illinois.
Moving to Boilingbrook, Illinois in 2004 when the Lockport store grew too small for her growing business. Poochie Puppy Parlor was opened from 2004 until 2009.
When she moved her business to Lisle, Illinois which was an easier location for her grooming clients to get to. Tammy dropped the Poochie part of the stores name because of a clerical error when registering her business with the village of Lisle. Where Tammy is still doing what she loves working with and finding loving homes for puppies and rehoming dogs people can no longer care for, grooming all breeds of dogs and selling pet supplies.
Tammy has always had acceptable reviews from all inspections by local police and animal control, Illinois state Department of Agriculture and the United State Department Agriculture. If Tammy or anyone she employed ever was found to be abusing animals her license would be revoked. The puppies and dogs in her care are routinely seen by a veterinarian for well puppy/dog checkups. There is a veterinarian assistant on call 24 hours a day in case of illness. Tammy and the vet assistant work closely with the vet to ensure the puppies and dogs are healthy. All puppies Tammy sells or rescue dogs that she facilitates adoptions for are up to date on all necessary vaccinations for their age. The puppies have a health guarantee until their first birthday for any genetic abnormalities.
Tammy has a limited number of Teacup Yorkies available from her own breeding line. Please call if interested to see if any are available.
At Puppy Parlor we encourage customers to pet and play with all the puppies and dogs that are in the front of the store to help them socialize with different humans. The staff switches puppy playmates often to ensure they are well socialized with other puppies. Many of our rescue dogs are placed with foster families so they stay socialized with humans while waiting for a new loving family. Tammy works closely with a trainer, who donates her time, to help the rescue dogs if they are having any type of behavior or obedience issues to help ensure they stay with their new family.