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Why share inspection reports?

Puppy Parlor has been being protested besides being verbally attacked any time she or someone working there steps out of the store by the animal activist group CAPS since December 2012. All the allegation they are telling people either by posts on an e-newspaper and shouting a cars and people walking past or near them are false which is proven through the reports below done by two different inspectors from the Illinois Department of Agriculture. We have passed every single inspection that has been done. All inspection are done on a surprise bases, no one in the store is ever forwarned that the inspector will be in on a certain day or time. If any of the allegation were true Tammy's Illinois Department of Agriculture would be revoked and criminal charges brought against her, her employee and volunteers. Tammy has had a license consecutively for 24 years. She has posted her inspection findings here to let people see she has done nothing wrong according to state animal welfare laws. Hers is not the only store under attack from this group they have targeted other stores not only here in Illinois but across the country.

Tammy invites people to come into her store and judge for themselves the conditions of it and the puppies and dogs under her care. 

Docket Finding Reports 5/2013 to 9/2013

These are the seven latest Docket Finding Reports from the Illinois Department of Agriculture. The store was given an Acceptable review on all of them no matter what the complainant may have alleged was being done or not being done for and to the puppies and dogs in our care. Four of the Docket Finding Reports are from the same day meaning the inspector was there for multiple complaints. If anything at all was found wrong in the care or feeding of the puppies and dogs we would have been shut down and Tammy's license pulled by the state of Illinois.












Docket Finding Reports 7/2013

A Docket Finding Report is the final out come of an inspection done by the Illinois Department of Agriculture. The inspector files his report from inspection the entire facility and then it is reviewed by his superiors to see if any further action in necessary or not.

We are waiting for the Docket Finding Report from August 13,2013 to be available from the department of agriculture. As soon as we have it will be available for viewing on here.

If you have any questions about our store, the puppies or re-homing dogs please call us          630-963-7877. Please stop into the store and form your own opinion on how healthy and happy our puppies are.


To View Previous Reports

To find the truth behind allegations leveled at Tammy and Puppy Parlor by CAPS, HSUS and others protesting her store please read the in depth interview done by Joanna Smith.
All the Docket Finding Report(s) from the Illinois Department of Agriculture, from 2009 until the present, and the report from the one time Du Page Animal Control was requested to inspect us are also on the blog site. A Docket Finding Report is the final outcome of complaints filed and any routine inspections done by the department.
The blog can be seen by following this link:
There are other blog posts you may find interesting as well. To set the myth straight The Humane Society of the United States is not a governmental department, it is a private non-profit organization funded only through donations. To find out what HSUS does with your money please read the blog posting that sets some truths out before the public.