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Store Froced to Close

Store is CLOSED on February 24, 2013 due to decreased business because of CAPS members and other protesting the store. Please read below for more information about the protesters.

Since December 2012, Puppy Parlor in Lisle and it’s owner Tammy Coglianese have been under attack by a small local group sponsored by a Nationwide organization known as CAPS Investigations. This group started out protesting weekly and has progressed to a handful of daily protesters. You may have driven by and seen them or come across them on the Lisle Patch.

From the beginning this group has made false accusations against the store and its owner. They “claim” to have “proof” to their accusations and hand out fliers saying it contains their “proof”. This flier contains generalized animal rights articles and statistics that appear to have come from the internet. There are also routine pictures taken by the Illinois Department of Agriculture of puppies and dogs in holding pens at the store. The descriptions of these photos have been taken completely out of context. What is missing is actual evidence. There are no specifics. They claim we sell sick and dying puppies…Where is the proof? Where are the veterinary reports stating such ? Where are the pet owners that were involved ?

Since this began, Puppy Parlor has been visited by several officials from the City of Lisle including the police, code enforcer, clerk’s office, and fire department. The Illinois Department of Agriculture who licenses the facility have sent 2 different inspectors together and separately multiple times (note inspection reports are posted on this site and in the window of the store). Also the USDA sent an inspector out as well. In each and every case there have been no violations nor have any crimes been committed.

This group is claiming Puppy Parlor is committing animal cruelty and animal abuse yet all of these government officials have been through the store and visited the puppies. The paper trail makes our case for us… these accusations are FALSE. Fabricated to tug on the heart strings of the general public and use stereo-types of the pet industry to move forward their agenda. They have tried to make this into a pet store vs shelter issue when in fact the opposite is true. While Puppy Parlor sells puppies we also help re-home dogs for customers that are no longer able to keep or care for their pets. If we aren’t able to help find the right pet for a customer we happily will direct the customer to a reputable shelter.

While we respect individuals right to their opinion, we feel that the protesters have went too far. These daily protests are far from peaceful. Personal attacks have been made against the owner, employees, volunteers, and even customers. The protesters claim to have cameras on the store 24/7 and have been seen driving by with cameras hanging out of vehicle windows. The police have been brought in by Puppy Parlor and by customers that have been attacked but this camera footage is always unavailable as proof. The Lisle police has asked Puppy Parlor not to address or confront the protesters and for the most part Puppy Parlor has honored that request. Have there been slip ups…Absolutely. Once in while everyone needs to get a jab in after being under constant attack.







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